Feeling like you need more to your drinking experience than just the taste of a smooth, flavorful beer? Since sometimes just drinking beer can be boring, Austin’s Brew Exchange makes it a little more exciting for you with an ever-evolving price menu and visible real-time beer market data in several places throughout the bar. This means that your time at Brew Exchange is never something ordinary, and hopefully, neither is your choice of drink.

And if you can’t make something exciting out of more than 100 beer choices (and over half on draft) then there may be no hope for you. Even the phenomenon of “stock market crashes” encourages you to get a beer at a super low price.

It’s possible that you may want to check out Brew Exchange with a non-beer drinker. In that case, no worries because there is a full bar and wine available too. And sometimes you may even find live music or a DJ in the house. You can bet that your investment in the market at Brew Exchange will be worthwhile, whether you tend to go with pale ales, IPAs, or stouts.