With a name like Chicken Lollypop, a restaurant’s almost guaranteed to be good, if not interesting. Technically Asian fusion, as it combines Indian and Chinese cuisine, Chicken Lollypop is a local favorite in Austin with a great menu and fair prices. For more information about what to expect when dining at this establishment, check out the following:

Chicken Lollypop Signature Delights

Of course, if you go here, you should absolutely order the Chicken Lollypop, and be wowed by the flavor of this yummy delight. Other specialties here include the spinach, and the Bombay potatoes. While the names may be simple, the flavor is far from it. Trust us, you’ll love them.

Favorite Entrée Choices

The Manchurian chicken entrée is amazing, and we recommend ordering a side of rice with it. The chili chicken fried rice is great, and really provides a kick. One of the Bombay sandwiches, such as the vegetable grilled cheese, is a great option for those who prefer something a little milder. If you like spicy food, order the house special fried rice, and ask for it extra spicy. Finally, the naan wraps are one of the most incredible things here, and if you don’t order one, you’ll be missing out. The favorite choice seems to be the paneer shezwan naan wrap, but all of them are pretty fabulous.

Hard to Find, But Worth Searching For

The biggest complaint about Chicken Lollypop is how hard it is to find. But, since the food is totally worth it once you finally do locate the restaurant, we encourage you to go anyway. The restaurant is located within the back of a Chinese convenience store, and it’s very easy to overlook if you’re not keeping an eye out for the sign. Once you do find it, don’t expect much in the way of ambiance: the tables are folding tables, and the chairs folding chairs. The space is tiny and cramped, and calling it romantic would be a far cry from the truth. However, what we can say about the space is that it’s homey, humble, and authentic, and that the staff will do whatever it takes to make you comfortable.

No Liquor, but Plenty of Beer and Wine

There’s not any liquor served here, but if you want beer or wine, there’s plenty to be had. Also, despite the small hole-in-the-wall setup that Chicken Lollypop has, they do accept credit cards, and will also prepare meals to be kid-friendly if you’re dining with children.

Place an Order To-Go

If you don’t have time to dine in but have become addicted to this place or are wanting to sample it in the comfort of your own home, call Chicken Lollypop and place an order to-go. The service is quick, and you won’t be disappointed by how delicious the food is both on a plate in the restaurant and boxed for takeaway.