The customers say it best: It’s a truly delightful treat to eat at Clark’s. Either it be for lunch or for dinner, on the weekday or the weekend, with or without a reservation, you will be treated like royalty. Even without a reservation, they will find seating for you and your companions. The mood lighting is a sublime mixture of ethereal and romantic. You will almost feel like you are under the ocean’s waves.

The food is often touted as some of the highest quality seafood in Austin. Even though it’s primarily an oyster bar, they server shrimp, crab, lobster, and dozens of kinds of fish. The sauces are simply amazing, and once you have a taste of their dinner specials, you’ll never go back to another seafood place again.

Clark’s is a truly romantic and elegant establishment without all the pretension or fancy airs some places have. It’s elegant, distinctive, and a memorable experience.