Easy Tiger is a bake shop and brew garden in Austin that serves up some of the most amazing breads, pretzels, cheese, and beers, just to name a few. A great place to hang out with friends or kick it with loved ones, we love just about everything about this restaurant.

Let’s Talk Beer

If you like beer, you have to go to Easy Tiger. Really, it’s that good. With over 30 beers on tap, a good number of 750 ml bottles, a couple cheap cans for those on a budget, and even a gluten-free beer, there’s something for everyone in the world of brewed beverages here.

What about Wine?

If you’re not into beer and are hoping that the wine selection is just as good, don’t worry, it is. Wines are served by the glass, and are priced between $5 and $9 a glass. While the options aren’t endless like they are with the beer, there’s quite a few good finds for great prices. Try the Oxford Landing Shiraz, a favorite red here, or opt for the Rudi Wiest Riesling if you prefer something crisp and sweet.

Craving a Cocktail

It’s not just beer and wine, there’re cocktails too! The cocktails are actually pretty amazing here, and the Tiger’s Blood is a must-try. Other cocktail favorites are the Holy Smokes and Violette Femmes.

Sausage and Sandwiches

To accompany your beer, wine, or cocktail, the sausages and sandwiches here are almost too good to be true. Try the smoked pastrami sandwich on rye; the classic bratwurst sausage; the venison sausage; or the house smoked salmon spread sandwich.

More Food Favorites

If you’re hungry, we recommend ordering one of the boards. The New Yorker board, $17, comes with pretzel, pastrami, corned beef, sauerkraut, and mustard and is pretty dang good. The mixed grill board is also a top choice, and offers beef sirloin and cilantro chimichurri, pork tenderloin with a cherry lime glaze, kielbasa, grilled okra, sauerkraut and house mustard.

For something a little more snack-like if you’re not as starving, go for a pretzel with Gouda cheese or salted whipped butter, the house-made chex mix, the cheese plate, or the beef jerky.

Start Your Day

The bakeshop portion of this restaurant opens at 7 AM, and we have to say, the coffee and pastry selection makes going there first thing in the morning totally worth it. All of the coffee is great, and the dirty chai is one of the bests in Austin. Accompany your morning brew with a fruit Danish or Pain au Chocolate croissant.  7 AM to 11 AM Monday through Friday, you can get any small coffee and any pastry for $5.

Pretty Patio

Finally, this place has a nice patio that’s open as long as the weather’s nice, and is perfect for a late night drink or an early morning cup of tea while reading the paper. Plus, there’s Wi-Fi, so this can be a great place to study or catch up on work in the AM.