If biker bars are defined by being both dingy and welcoming, then Horseshoe Lounge meets the criteria. It’s a classic Austin bar that has been, since the 1960’s, hosting bar-goers from all ages and walks of life as well as many famous people of interest, because it’s a perfectly timeless Texas backdrop. Because of this, the Horseshoe Lounge is now on the unofficial list of legendary Austin places to visit.

On an everyday basis, the bar and staff show a lot of love to the people that go there, and even feature a “Patron of the Month” on their website. You’ll never break the bank at the Horseshoe Lounge, but the “Happiest Hours” at Horseshoe are every day from 5-9 which means that you have a whole chunk of the evening when you can get a beer for under $2.00. And you never know what you might run across at an Open Mic Thursday, or how much fun you might have at one of the regular shuffleboard tournaments.

This, and the jukebox, are why people go to the Horseshoe Lounge. Sometimes spending an evening with just the essentials is the best way to go.