Pizza Foodies will tell you, without hesitation, that the best pizza is always made in a wood-burning stove. Satisfying the cravings for someone who want wood-fired pizza is why House Pizzeria exists. With dozens of types of pizzas, calzones, and other tasty Italian fare, House’s Pizzeria delivers and then some.

And that’s not just a metaphor. House’s really will deliver, although they make sure their customer base understands that they don’t deliver during peak hours. After all, they are a pizzeria first and a delivery service second. But when they do deliver, be ready! You’re in for the treat of a lifetime.

House’s sets the bar for local Pizzerias by using the freshest ingredients, the tangiest and tastiest sauce, and cooking their pizzas in an open wooden stove until they are bubbling with perfection. Their staff is very friendly, and everyone is treated like family at House’s. Their House is your House, so to speak.

Come by and give the pizzeria a chance. You won’t forget the experience any time soon!