Fusion food is the name that’s been given to food that is a combination of two or more culinary traditions. Texas Thai food, for example, is the fusion specialty of the modern restaurant Kin & Comfort, a newcomer to the food scene and an already popular venue for amazing eats.

Finding Kin & Comfort

The restaurant is located within the Hana World Market on W. Parmer in Austin. Tucked within the food court of this Asian grocery store, Kin & Comfort doesn’t look like anything special, and the “cash only” sign might immediately turn you away. Be daring though, because once you get a glance of the menu (enough on its own to make your mouth water) and a taste of the food, you’ll be a lifetime customer.

The Best Eats

While everything is very delicious, creative, and satisfying, there are a few dishes on the menu that will really “wow” the palate. The taro hush puppies are exactly what comfort food should be, and the shrimp and grits tom kha are an interesting and exciting take on a Southern food gone Asian. The meatloaf, while the most expensive thing on the menu, priced at $10, is also one of the most amazing, and you’d be missing out if you didn’t try it. Finally, the Panang mac & cheese is warm, cheesy, flavorful, and absolutely perfect.

An Unassuming Establishment

This place is tiny, and really does look like just another fast food place within a food court. There’s no website for it, the menu is written on a chalkboard, there’s no outdoor seating, credit cards aren’t excepted, the prices are cheap, there’s no wi-fi or alcohol, and the most service you’ll get is from the person who’s taking your order and your cash at the register. That being said, don’t let the lack of pretention fool you, because the food will blow your socks off.

To Wet Your Whistle

As mentioned above, there’s no alcohol served here. However, there is Thai iced tea, which is iced tea that’s sweetened with condensed milk, sugar, and then evaporated milk or coconut milk. It’s very delicious, and will give you the relief you need on some of the dishes that have more of a zing.

Cheap and Quick

If you’re in a rush during your lunch break, need a snack while shopping, or are just looking for the next great and cheap place to chow down at, Kin & Comfort is the one. The cheapest thing on the menu, deviled eggs, starts at $3, and the prices slowly rise, with a pork belly bun priced at $7, and the pepper beef tongue at $9.

Timing is Everything

We’d hate for you to miss out on the greatness of Kin & Comfort, and so here are their hours: the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays, but is open Wednesday through Monday from 11:00AM to 8:00PM. Enjoy!