laV is a French restaurant and wine bar in Austin that focuses on the love of food combined with a passion for great wine. Owned by a family has a history of traveling, cooking, farming local land, and writing, the owners of laV know what it takes to create a restaurant that people will love, with food that’s both good for the soul and the earth. For amazing French cuisine in Austin, laV is a top recommendation.

Mediterranean Mezze

The name of this menu is so beautiful that it had to be used as a heading–Mediterranean Mezze at laV is served from 5:00 to 6:30 PM everyday, and essentially works similarly to a happy hour menu. On the menu, you’ll find blistered shishito peppers, pickled eggs, house-made  whole wheat pitas with choice of baba ganoush or muhamarra, salt cod and chickpea fritters, and more. Plus, there are also $8 cocktails to choose from, as well as of course white, red, or rose wines. On this menu, the marinated olives paired with belini go perfectly.

Divine Dinner & Dessert

The menu at laV isn’t lengthy, but that’s because every dish has been hand prepared, and designed to please the palate. To begin your meal, try the chicken liver pate with mustard, or the Capra Ranch lamb tartare with mint, spiced yogurt, and pistachio crumble. While not necessary, a few small plates to share amongst the table is recommended, and top suggestions include the grilled octopus or the house-made ricotta ravioli. For entrees, try the chicken for two if you’re dining with a significant other, the wild striped bass if you want something light and healthy, or the tea brined pork tenderloin if you want a dish that’s really mouthwatering. Sides aren’t included in the meal, but for an extra cost, try the roasted local squash with arugula and pesto, or simple hand cut fries with béarnaise sauce.

After you meal, laV has one of the best dessert menus in all of Austin, so make sure you take the time to sample one. The peaches and cream with peach amaretto ice cream is divine, the warm brioche doughnuts are decadent, the the lemon and mascarpone budino with blueberry sorbet and buttermilk swirl ice cream is positively delectable.

A Sommeliers Selection

The wine list here is curated by an advanced sommelier, Vilma Mazaite. And the selection is endless, with more than 1,200 bottles available from the restaurant’s wine cellar. Whether you want something full-bodied or sweet, robust or fruity, you waitress or waiter can happily make suggestions that best accompany your food entree of choice, or suggest a food item to be paired with your preferred wine.

More Restaurant Favorites

Other things that we love about laV are the design, which makes you feel as though you’re dining within a French hotel–very simple, yet elegant. There’s also an outdoor seating area, where those who prefer to dine while watching the sunset or by the light of the moon are more than welcome to go. Also, there’s a brunch that’s served on Sundays that features some unique food items, including ruby red grapefruit brûlée, corned beef brisket hash, and oat scones.