Red 7 is a home for live music of all kinds but one of the best places to see rock, metal, and punk shows in downtown Austin. Red 7 embodies a real rebel attitude, from its dark decor to its slogan “People Fucking Hate Us on Yelp.” Actually, much of that is just part of their charming darkish humor because the people there are actually pretty nice when they interact with you.

..If you can hear them. Loud music dominates here, both inside and outside. There’s a stage and bar for both, and the musicians really get into the shows with sometimes very elaborate outfits and stage presence. The crowds here are just as devoted because they know that Red 7 chooses quality bands from a variety of subgenres. And though you’ll usually pay a cover at this haven for hardcore music, drink prices remain low.

You won’t find a classy place at Red 7 so throw on whatever the heck you want, and remember that it’s pretty dark and dingy in there, so you may want to stay away from white.