Scheduled to open this summer 2014, St. Phillip is the newest restaurant creation designed by the team at Uchi. Uchi, the well known sushi restaurant which shares many menu items with its sister restauarant, Uchiko, is best known for its sushi. St. Philip, though, will be focusing on food far different than that at Uchi.

A Bakery and Pizzeria

You won’t find any raw fish at St. Philip, according to Uchi director of culinary operations and pastry chef, Philip Speer. Rather, St. Philip will be serving pizza, sandwiches, house made breads, shared plates, and desserts. While the menu hasn’t been released, Speer has said that the food will be nostalgic, and that he pizzas will range from classic to adventurous. In fact, St. Philip’s isn’t try to replicate other pizza chains and restaurants in the area–they’re hoping to create unique flavor using pizza crust as the canvas. The pizzas will be 12 inches in size, and are intended to be eaten amongst friends and family, either as pizza alone, or with a few other small side dishes.

The Space

The restaurant will be set in the space that once belonged to Cannoli Joe’s, an Italian restaurant who’s chain-like food led to the shutting of its doors in January of 2014. While no one knows what the inside of St. Philip will look like, the outside transformation has been quite dramatic. The once large and very-Italian-restaurant-looking building, complete with black and white striped overhangs, now looks like a dessert oasis. With a beautiful modern design that resembled “loft-living” from the outside, and utilizes stainless steel and wood, this restaurant is as pleasing to the eyes outside as it should be to the palate once opening.

A Place for Family and Friends

There’s a reason that the owners of Uchi chose to make the focus of St. Philip be pizza, and it’s not just because they enjoy eating it. Instead, the restaurant is designed to be a community place where teenagers and adults, friends and family, can gather and enjoy good food. And, what’s a better food to share amongst loved ones than pizza? For a community experience that nearly every culture participates in, St. Philip will be the place to head to for the breaking of bread and the indulgence in conversation and cuisine.

Expected to be Amazing

While we haven’t yet tried anything created at St. Philip, the amazing quality of food at Uchi and Uchiko leads us to believe that St. Philip will be equally as wondrous. While the two forms of cuisine are entirely different, Philip Seer is a Beard-nominated pastry chef that hasn’t disappointed when it comes to the desserts (and everything else) at Uchi.

To satisfy your cravings for pizza and bread, to have a glass of wine or beer (the restaurant says it won’t be serving liquor), and to have a fun and relaxed night out with a group, St. Philip sounds like it will be the restaurant of choice for many Austonians and Texans in future weeks.