Thai food is flavorful, warm and spicy, filling, healthier than many other types of food, and a great option for those who like to eat cultural cuisine. For Thai food in Austin that’s cheap and authentic, Tuck Tuck Thai Cafe on Manchaca Road is a must-go to location.

The Crab Rangoons

An entire heading is getting dedicated to this delicious menu item because, well, they’re just that good. If you like crab, and you like cream cheese, and you like deep-fried, then your mouth will water when you taste one of these rangoons. An order comes with six rangoons, and there’s no skimping on all the fillings. Lots of crab and lots of cream cheese… yum! The rangoons are served with sweet and sour sauce, and are a very indulgent beginning to a meal. Plus, since they’re priced at $5.99, there’s really no reason to not order them as soon as you sit down.

Other Great Appetizers

The crab rangoons aren’t the only good thing at this restaurant, although they’re certainly a favorite. Other great starter choices are the spring spring rolls, the steamed pork dumplings with sauce, and the tod mon (deep fried fish or chicken cakes that are seasoned with red curry, green beans, and kaffir leaves). If you’re a vegetarian, opt for the tofu satay or the cheese and pickle wontons.

Thai Soup

Soup from Southeast Asia is some of the most amazing soup in the world, and is usually a favorite dish amongst those who love Thai. At Tuk Tuk, the tom yum goong is a lemongrass soup with kaffir leaves, lime juice, shrimp, tomatoes, yellow onions, mushrooms, and Thai chili. The soup is served with rice, and is very spicy. Another great soup option if you want something equally as delicious but completely different is the tom khai gai soup. This soup is made from coconut milk, and has chicken, tomatoes, lemongrass, mushrooms, kaffir leaves, yellow onions, lime juice, and galangal. Like the tom yum goong, this soup is also pretty spicy. There are also some amazing noodle soups on the menu, too.

If You Crave Curry

Many people’s favorite Thai dish is curry, and if you’re a person who thinks about curry all the time, you won’t be disappointed at Tuk Tuk. All of the curry’s pack a bit of a punch when it comes to spiciness, and ask for extra spicy or more mild deepening upon your taste preference. Favorite curries here are the green curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and basil, and the pineapple curry, which is a hot combination of pineapple, coconut milk, jalapeños, and basil.

Tiny but Tasty

Don’t let the small exterior of this restaurant fool you: the flavor is big, and the dishes are filling. While it’s not the most picturesque restaurant in the world, it does have an outdoor patio, has free wi-fi, is good for kids and those with dietary restrictions, and has great food and service.