A Wholesome Burger Experience

You won’t find a burger that is as delicious from top to bottom as Wholly Cow Burgers. This Austin burger eatery has built their menu around high quality, pasture-raised beef for all of the burger patties. Load your burger up with a variety of seasonal produce items, or if you’re the type that orders “plain,” you won’t be disappointed. The quality and tastiness of grass-fed beef used to make the burgers comes out in each savory bite.

Take Your Pick of Menu Goodness

Wholly Cow’s menu includes more than just beef burgers. There are chicken sandwiches and cheesesteaks, as well as gluten-free and vegetarian options, like the “Bella Bella,” a vegetarian burger made with portobello mushrooms to contain the insides. All burgers need a dipper to accompany it, so top off a meal with sweet potato fries or onion rings, both house specialities. Order a craft soda to compliment your meal, and plan to spend around $10 for yourself.

Unforgettable Burgers Made Fresh

Everything you eat is the kind of thing that is made fresh to order and savored, very much unlike a fast food burger joint. Wholly Cow is available Downtown, as well as in its original spot in a convenient store in South Austin. It’s a place you might accidentally stumble upon if you didn’t know it was there, but that you will never forget.