For one of the most interesting restaurants in Houston, the Gratifi Kitchen + Bar is an amazing place to try. Not only do they have a menu that’s bursting with a multitude of flavors, but they also have a patio that is dog-friendly and will even serve your pooch house made dog treats, bacon included.

A Seasonal Menu

The restaurant has a seasonal menu in addition to their regular menu, which offers a great array of fresh flavors and ingredients. Outside of the season menu, though, you’ll find some interesting options such as tuna nachos with spicy avocado salsa verde, ancho braised short ribs, a Thai steak salad, and the “adult only” fries.

The Best Burgers

If you love hamburgers, you absolutely have to go to Gratifi for what may be the best burger you’ve ever had. Try the completely grass fed buffalo burger, or opt for the Heights burger, which has black beans, spices and pico de gallo, melted onions, and pepper jack cheese. Of course, you can always order a plain old burger and then add your choice of sides, like bacon, or guacamole, or jalepenos, or feta, or mushrooms, or green chile…

Oh, and let me just add that the drinks that can accompany your burger (or other entrée) are many. There are Arnold Palmers, root beer, wine, cocktails, mead, spirits, ciders, and beer. You’re going to love it.

Breakfast & Brunch

Not only does this restaurant have an amazing lunch and dinner menu, but it’s also a great place to head to for breakfast or brunch. The eggs benedict is a classic, and the breakfast sandwich on a buttermilk biscuit is delicious. You can also design your own omelet, or choose something lighter, like a yogurt parfait. While these are just a few breakfast favorites, the menu is extensive and you won’t be disappointed by the number of morning options.

High-Class Taste, Comfortable Atmosphere

Despite how trendy you might feel while indulging in the food at this restaurant, you needn’t worry about dressing up or making a reservation. In fact, they don’t even take reservations. Bring your kids, bring your friends, bring your date, or bring your dog—everyone’s welcome here. Oh, and they also have a catering service for those who need to feed people at an event or meeting.

Good to Know

There have been complaints by people who unknowingly pronounce the name of the restaurant as “gra-fee-tee,” or “gra-tee-fee,” but, it’s actually pronounced as “gra-ta-fi, “ like the work “gratify.” A little odd, we know, but the food and patio make up for it.