Whether it’s a hotdog or a brownie you’re craving, you can find an array of goodies and those thing that are not-so-good-for-you at Happy Fatz. With many divine delights and gourmet bites—as the company so fittingly states—Happy Fatz is the place to head next time you have a craving.

Hotdog Heaven

All of the hotdogs at Happy Fatz are ¼ pound, are served with chips, fresh fruit, or coleslaw, and are made using Hebrew National Kosher beef. That being said, you should try the Perro de Mexico, which is served with beans, sour cream, avocado, pico de gallo, cilantro, cheese, and salsa all within a tortilla rather than a bun; or the Clucker, which comes with hash browns, bacon, grilled onion, a fried egg, and secret sauce. If you’re not one to live life on the wild side, you can always stick with what you know and opt for the traditional dog instead.

Unique Cheesecakes

While most cheesecakes are sweeten by chocolate, caramel, or fruit, Happy Fatz has gotten creative by creating cheesecakes that are savory rather than sweet. There’s a smoked salmon cheesecake, an olive pesto cheesecake, a raspberry chipotle cheesecake, a roasted garlic and onion cheesecake, and more. Buy it by the slice (which serves 2-3 people!), or order an entire cake to feed 12-15.

The Traditional 

While Happy Fatz has definitely taken things to a new level by offering the savory cheesecakes, they’ve also stuck with the traditional by providing the more typical cheesecake varieties, too. While I’m partial to a raspberry cheesecake myself, the turtle cheesecake, pecan pie cheesecake, New York style cheesecake, and Red Velvet cheesecake all look pretty superb as well.

If you don’t love cheesecake but adore desserts, you’ll also find Italian cream cake here, as well as three different types of chocolate cakes (try the German chocolate!); carrot cake; bunt cake; mini cakes; and every flavor cupcakes. Oh, and they serve fruit tarts, too.

For Coffee Lovers

In addition to all of the wonderful food that’s served here (did I mention that there’re salads and breakfast, too?), you’ll also find a full coffee and espresso bar to jumpstart your day or get you through a long afternoon. Pair your coffee with the Challah French toast breakfast, or have an iced coffee beverage on a hot Houston day while indulging in a Mediterranean or Happy Fajita salad. Or, skip the meal and opt for a slice of cake instead.

Live Music

While this establishment doesn’t always have live music, if you come on the right night, you’ll be lucky enough to hear one of their great bands. If you don’t make it for the live music, maybe you’ll drop in on make-your-own-omelet day, or one of the many other Happy Fatz happenings.