If you love Asian fusion and if you love food trucks, look no further than Koagie Hots, the perfect combination of both rolled into one. Ideal for those who crave everything ranging from Korean BBQ to hotdogs, and perfect who those who like to eat on the go, this food trailer is one of the best finds in Houston.

What They Offer

Like most food trucks, the menu at Koagie Hots isn’t too extensive. In fact, there are only nine different things you can choose from, all of them fitting within three categories: cheese steaks, dogs, and fries. That being said, the limited menu allows them to really perfect each item, and we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with the Avo Dog (avocado, bacon, feta, and spicy mustard), and will have to return for the Koagie (rib eye, onions, provolone or wiz, and spicy mayo).

Crowd Favorites

Nearly everyone who goes here opts for an order of the Kimchi fries, which have kimchi, spicy mayo, feta, and scallions, and will set you back a well-worth-it $6.50. The Koagie Wiz fries are also pretty amazing, and come served topped with rib eye, wiz, and scallions for $7.50. Other top choices are the Korn Dog, which is beer battered, and served with spicy mayo and hot chili sauce, and the Koagie Chic cheese steak, which has marinated chicken, onion, spicy mayo, and provolone or wiz.

Where You’ll Catch ‘Em

This isn’t a stationary food trailer, so if you want to sample their wares, you’ll have to know where to look. They’re closed on Mondays, and change locations Tuesday through Sunday depending upon the hour of the day. You can check out the full schedule here.

High Prices, Big Portions

The prices are a little high, especially considering it’s a food truck and you’re not paying a dime for service or seating. That being said, there’s nothing minimal about the portions, and you’ll most likely be thoroughly delighted that you chose to spend nine bucks for a cheese steak at 2:30 AM.

There Will Be a Line

Like all of the best places in Houston, you can expect there to be a line, particularly around midnight. If you can wait it out, the delay is totally worth it. The line also serves as a great opportunity to fine-tune your social skills and make some friends with the other so-starving-they’re-grumpy line members.

They Do Catering

If you need catering for your next event or party, Koagie Hots will hook you up with delicious eats and great service. You’ll have to give them plenty of advance notice, but if they know how many they’ll need to serve, the time that the event takes place, or whether the event is private or public, they’ll get your set up with all of their best items. They can prepare a menu for you, or you can work with them to choose all of your favorites in advance.