If you want to get a laugh in this Saturday night, skip the typical dinner and a movie date night and choose to be entertained by the performers at Rogue Improv instead. This improv comedy ensemble performs shows at Houston’s Station Theater, Rudyard’s British Pub, and the upstairs area of Avant Garden, and trust us – they’re worth seeing.

You’ll Laugh ’til it Hurts

Anyone who has seen Rogue Improv says the same thing about it – the stitches in your side you’ll have from laughing yourself silly will be worth it. All of the performers are extremely experienced and extremely funny, and if you’ve never seen long form improv comedy before, you’re in for a treat. (The difference between long form and short form is the amount of topics you improvise, in a nutshell. For example, short form comedy will keep coming back to the audience for ideas, whereas long form will take one audience idea and run with it for a whole 25-ish minutes).

You’ll be Engaged

Another things that Rogue Improv does well is engage the audience. Unlike some performers who already have their act planned out, the whole point of improv is that it’s done on the spot. And the way that they get ideas for what they’ll be improvising? Y-O-U. Yep, the audience members are the muses for these guys, making it that much more entertaining. As you can imagine, creating hilarity on the spot is quite the task, which makes these guys that much more entertaining and enjoyable to watch – they’re witty, they’re cunning, and they’re great at what they do!

You’ll Want to Join ‘em

If you think of yourself as a bit of a comedy clown, you might be tempted to become an improver after watching Rogue Improv. Happily, you’re in luck, as they offer an improv class for those who are interested. The class is fabulous, and if you’re already a comedic genius, this can definitely help to refine your skills.

You’ll Happily Go Again

Not only is this one of the most fun things that you can do on a weekday or weekend night, but it’s one of the cheapest, too. $5 gets you in, and will get you plenty of laughter. This inexpensive price combined with high level of enjoyability is guaranteed to make you want to go here again and again.

You’ll Want to Bring All Your Friends

If you see Rogue Improv once, you’ll understand that it’s too good to keep all to yourself. Grab your buddies, and head to see the improv group with a beer in hand for the start to a great night out. Or, grab a date and bring her/him here – you’ll impress them with your knowledge of Houston culture and local favorites, and there’s no better aphrodisiac then a healthy dose of laughter!

To find out where Rogue Improv will be performing and at what time, make sure you follow their Facebook page.