One of the smaller and more relaxed grills in Houston, Ziggy’s Bar and Grill in Montrose is not a large restaurant. It has a small, quaint feeling to it, almost like a “mom and pop” establishment. Located in what used to be a residence many years ago, this Ziggy’s has a comfortable atmosphere, a great menu, and a courteous and helpful staff.

The food is the same as the Downtown location. Their entrees include grilled fish, burgers, and pizza. They have soups and salads made fresh each day. And they have more localized dishes such as fish tacos and quesadillas. Their desserts are hand-made every morning, and they have fresh coffee and tea. Everything on the menu is fresh and professionally cooked.

The biggest problem with Ziggy’s in Montrose is also its smallest – it’s floor size. The restaurant floor can fit about 30 people inside, and about 20 more outside. You’d think that’s a lot of room, but it’s not. In fact, the area where guests sit looks like it use to be a large dining room. When Ziggy’s gets very busy, finding seating or being able to hear the person you are with becomes difficult. Best time to go is later in the evening, after dinner rush, or during the middle of the week day.