If you love the idea of an adrenaline rush, but the thought of actually jumping out of a plane (or the cost) prevents you from doing so,┬áiFly Indoor Skydiving is an awesome way to experience the thrill of skydiving in a safe, controlled, and less expensive environment. For a date idea that’s sure to impress or a family activity that’s great for kids too, you’ve got to go to iFly to get your heart pumping and blood rushing.

What is iFly?

iFly is an indoor skydiving experience that simulates the sensation of free fall that would be experienced during a real life skydive experience. Here’s how it works: you step into a huge wind tunnel, sans parachute. The tunnel blasts 1600 horse power worth of air from four different fans, creating air all around that allows the body to “float” on top. You don’t have to jump out of a plane, and there’re literally no strings attached–it’s just you, your helmet, and the air around you.

Who can iFly?

iFly is great for just about anyone. You don’t need to have any experience to fly, and it’s even approved for those with certain disabilities. If you have any injuries–such as a dislocated shoulder–you might have to hold off on flying until you’re recovered. Otherwise, children as young as three are welcome to fly, and reportedly, an adult aged 103 once flew with iFly! The fact that iFly is suitable for just about anyone really makes it the perfect activity to do with anyone ranging from your family, your best friend, or your sweetheart.

The Cost of iFly-ing

The cost of a first time flight hovers right around the $70 range. However, for $10 more, you can pay be be “flown” to the top of the tube, and then to “fall” back down, which is a really awesome experience that truly offers insight as to what real skydiving is all about. If you’re booking your flight with a group or if you’ve flown with iFly before, you’ll qualify for a discount. In fact, this is actually a really neat place to hold a group–or even corporate–event. Trust us, your colleagues will love it!

There are also packages for those who want more than one flight in a single session, or for couples who want to book together.

iFlying… Is it really worth the hype?

You might be wondering if spending $70 in a single session is worth all that money, not to mention the time to drive there, change into your flying suit, and be trained. We have one word for you: YES. Yes, iFlying is worth the cost. The facility is modern and the technology is awesome, the instructors are all fun and friendly, and the experience is really, really awesome. While it’s not real skydiving, it’s still an adrenaline-rushing activity that will leave you smiling, and it’s much safer than the real thing! If you need to spice up your love life, or simply put a little adventure back into yours, this is the place to go.