Room escapes adventures provides exactly what it sounds like – an adventure where the challenge involves escaping from a room. While that may sound a little confusing, this is guaranteed to be one of the most interesting, thrilling, and memorable experiences of your life. To discover all you need to know about this crazy activity, read on:

Think of It as a TV Show

While you won’t be on an actual TV show, room escapes creates an experience similar to that of what would be on a reality TV show, like fear factor, survivor, or the Amazing Race. The only way to “escape” is to interact and coordinate with the other people around you, basing your escape on the group’s collective genius. You’ll have 60 minutes to find clues and solve puzzles in order to unlock the door.

What to Do When Locked in a Room

If you’re locked in the room looking for the escape, here are some tips to incorporate:

First off all, don’t just stand there – there will be clues and puzzles throughout the room that need solving, so move around start looking, and hunt high and low for as many clues you as you can find.

Next, you’ve got to share what you find. While you may find a great clue, if you don’t share what you discover with everyone else in the room, you all may be rendered clueless. The challenge is designed to be solved by the collective group, not a single individual.

Look out for Zombies. Yep, you read that right. The room will hold a zombie. While the zombie will be chained up, if you get to close, it will reach out and touch you. If the zombie touches you, you’re no longer allowed to physically participate in the challenge; only your mental energy can be contributed. Oh, and every minute the chain holding the zombie gets a foot longer, so the quicker you work, the less danger you’ll be in.

Leave the Kids at Home

If you’re tempted to bring your children, book up the entire room (12 spots). If you can’t fill 12 spots, then leave the little ones at home and participate in a different activity with them. Unless the kids are genius riddle solvers and great at puzzles, they might be a bit of distraction to the rest of the group. Plus, the zombie might be a little scary for young children.

An Awesome Activity for Everyone

People who have participated in Room Escapes all love it, and rave about what a great personal learning experience it is as well as awesome group activity. For those who really want to get to know themselves, this is awesome. Or, if you want to bond with a loved one or a group of friends, nothing’s better than being trapped in a room with a whole slew of mysteries to solve.

If you’ve been craving a mental thrill that will give you a laugh, too, Room Escapes Adventures should be on your to-do list for this weekend. Call up your friends, your family, or your date and book a trip to this place now – you won’t regret it!