People treat Hookah Cafe as their mainstay Hookah Bar. This is so not for the quality of their shisha (hookah pipe tobacco), not for their decent food or drink menu, and not for their eclectic taste middle eastern in music. No, people love Hookah Bar because they are known for having some of the best customer service in San Antonio. They continually have a server walking around the cafe with hot coals for the hookah pipe. So you never have to try and flag someone down for a hot coal refresh.

There is ample seating at Hookah Cafe, both inside and outside, and they serve a great number of drinks and food to satisfy just about any taste. Hookah Cafe probably has one of the most extensive flavor selections in the city, along with the option of getting your flavor it regular or iced. And unlike some other hookah bars, Hookah Cafe is they are totally on board with customers mixing flavors of shisha and coming up with brand new concoctions. Therefore, if you are feeling like variety, ask your waitress what her favorite flavor is and take it for a test drive.

Weekends are the busiest days by far. Finding parking or seating may be a bit of a challenge. But that is about the only negative.