The Sandbar is a seafood restaurant in San Antonio that focuses on providing fresh and delicious options ranging from oysters to artisan breads. Everything is created beautifully and with precision, resulting in cuisine that is artistic and tasteful.

Favorite Lunch Items

With so many good things on the menu, it’s hard to narrow it down to only a few favorites for lunch. But, if we had to choose, we’d go with the salmon sandwich, the shrimp salad, the hanger steak with fries, and the onion tart appetizer to start. However, the Mexican burger is also superb, as is the chicken palliard. And, make sure you order the roasted butternut squash chili as your side item of choice, as this is probably the best chili dish you’ve ever had.

Best Oysters in San Antonio

While you can order the oysters for lunch, we recommend holding off until dinner and then pairing with one of the big dinner entrees. The oysters are buttery and perfectly cooked, and definitely deserve the title as some of the best in San Antonio, if not in all of Texas. Priced at $3.25, these oysters certainly aren’t cheap. If you want to mix things up, you can pay $100 for the sandbar platter, which has a dozen oysters, a dozen shrimp, a half pound of crab, and some sashimi.

Perfect Plates

This is the place to go for a seafood dinner, and the plates here are so amazing that choosing which one to order will be difficult. The pan-seared diver sea scallops with truffle cauliflower puree, caramelized Brussels sprouts, and yukon gold potatoes is a favorite dish, and for a reason. The roasted mahi mahi is also a top choice, but the pan-seared Scottish salmon is a real crowd pleaser. You can also order soups, salads, sashimi, an amazing fish-and-chips plate, and artisan cheeses while here. Finish your meal off with a slice of the key lime pie or the frozen chocolate soufflé to really eat like royalty.

High-Quality, High-Priced Food

If you were hoping for an inexpensive seafood meal, this isn’t it. Each plate option is at least $29, with the exception of the fish and chips and the chicken palliard. Appetizers are between $8 and $20 (with the exception of the $100 sampler plate), and wine and beer prices are in line with that of the foods’. However, the high price is only a reflection of the high quality, as everything that’s served is ridiculously fresh and prepared to perfection. If you can afford it, the dining experience here will certainly be worth it.

A Romantic Evening in San Antonio

This restaurant is ideal for couples who have been searching for a romantic, quiet, and intimate dining experience that’s still casual enough to wear jeans to. Sit outside on the cozy and relaxing patio, or head indoors where you watch your food being prepared for your from behind the bar area. Just don’t forget to make a reservation!