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English / Irish Pubs in Austin

Fado Irish Pub

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214 W 4th St Austin, TX 78701

Fadó Irish Pub, though one of many across the US, is distinctive to Austin because it is one of the only Irish pubs in town, and the place to watch rugby, cricket, soccer and American football. Because every FadóRead more

Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub

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714 Red River St. Austin, TX 78701

For an authentic Irish pub experience you can always count on Bull McCabe’s to deliver. Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub is named and stylized after a character in a 1960’s Irish play, and is also Irish-owned and staffed. The bar’sRead more

BD Riley’s Irish Pub

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204 E 6th St Austin, TX 78701

BD Riley’s is more than just a pub, it’s its own family, and they reward customer loyalty unlike any other pub in Austin. The staff goes out of their way to make regulars feel welcome, going that “extra mile.”Read more

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