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  • Chicago, IL

    The Great Bull Run

    The Great Bull Run is coming to the Hawthorne Race Course near Chicago on July 12th, 2014! Their..

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  • San Antonio, TX

    Warrior Dash

    Summer is coming too, and you know what that means. Soon you'll be locked up in an air-conditioned..

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  • Phoenix, AZ

    Devil Dash

    For a fun, exciting, obstacle-riddled marathon, check out the Devil Dash. This 5k run sends..

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  • Dallas, TX

    Run For Your Lives

    The zombie theme has been played out on the big and little screen, but put zombies on a mud run and..

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  • Houston, TX

    Top Golf Houston

    Have you played TopGolf? TopGolf is when you take the fitness and fun that comes with the game of..

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  • Austin, TX

    Melting Pot

    If you love fondue and have extra cash to spend, the Melting Pot is the way to go. Great for first..

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