Location: 10615 Metric Blvd
Austin, TX 78758

Taproom Hours: Monday to Thursday, 8 am to 10 am / Sunday, 12 Noon to10 pm

A brewing company traditionally keeps three anchor brews on tap. The “4th tap” is often the designated as the  experimental beer. And this is how the guys at 4th Tap see their craft beers; works of inspired experimentation with interesting combinations. Want to how they churn up excellent craft beer on a regular basis? Each and every member of 4th Tap are of the belief that they all reap from the success and failures of the brewery. This sets them as a league of their own staffed by happy people serving one of the best microbrews in Austin.

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What’s Up at 4th Tap

Events at 4th Tap vary wildly and run the proverbial gamut – from “rasslin’” puppets and dames, best grilled sausages in all of Austin, cheesy movie nights, musical performances, comedy skits battles, food truck events, and whatever else these crazy guys from 4th Tap can think of.

4th Tap also conducts a monthly fundraiser for Cooperation Texas –  goal is to encourage the creation of jobs that place people and the planet before profit. As a simple way of saying thank you, Monthly Sustainers are treated to free beer.

Want to know what events 4th Tap has lined up? Just click on this link right here:

Yeah, 4th Tap is nice enough to let you bring your own grub, but with all the food trucks that frequent this great Austin brewery, you might just want to leave that sandwich at home. Here’s a list of the food trucks that frequent this place:

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Here’s a food truck that’s been visiting local breweries and other places, offering amazing tex-mex dishes. What’s unique about these dishes? They’re all made from scratch!

Best Wurst
Serving grilled sausage greatness for over 20 years, Best Wurst pioneered the food vending business in Austin. Dubbed “the most efficient kitchen in Austin”, their 6th Street shop has sold well over a million sandwiches. Your visit to Austin will not be complete until you’ve had a taste of the Best Wurst, pun intended.

La Gala Peña Ceviches
If you haven’t tried ceviches, you haven’t really lived. This is fresh raw fish marinated in secret spices cooked in lime juice. If you think raw fish is too much to handle for you, scale down to their basic shrimp ceviche.

Not only are seafood known sources of protein, minerals and vitamins, it’s also low in fat. If you happen to know someone from South America, they’d tell you that ceviche is a potent aphrodisiac, and is also good for hangovers.

Love chili? Served all year round, PickAChili has taken their 5 craft chilis to a whole new level by offering more ways of serving it. Enjoy it in a cup, or if you’re feeling your creative juices flowing, check out their extensive menu for some customizing goodness.

What’s in the Tap?

If the lights are on at 4th Tap, the doors are open – well, most of the time. They have 10 taps offering the latest iterations of their experimental beers coming straight from their tanks and they want you to be the judge.

They have fully air-conditioned spaces where you can enjoy board games, play ping pong, free Wi-Fi, and coffee with your friends and the whole family. You can drink in the taproom, or in the brewery by the big tanks.

You can buy a pint and you’ll get a free glass. You can also grab a bite from the various food trucks and wash it down with even more great tasting beer from one of the most noteworthy Austin breweries in Texas. You can also just bring your own food – so cool!  And they’ll let your dog in too!

Canned for the beer lovin’ porch drinkers and river floater out there, Renewal is basically wheat bear, magnum hopped with tamarind fruit that nice tart steak finish.

4th Tap6

Calibration Blonde
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – whoever came up with that phrase must have been in 4th Tap, with burgers on one hand and a Blonde on the other. It’s clean and simple taste make it a favorite among “lite” beer drinkers or those who want their beer sans the bells and whistles. Just perfect for winding down after a gruelling day.of toil and labor.

Sun Eater
A proud son of Texas, Sun Eater was brought forth using only Texas-grown ingredients. Starting off with a base of dark brown sugar and Sorghum, this gruit derives it bitterness from Rosemary mixed with dried lemon peel. Sun Eater possesses that dry, refreshing finish akin to cider or champagne – and is a perfect weapon against the tyrannical heat of the Texas sun. Global warming doesn’t have anything on this bad boy.

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Long Walk
This is 4th Tap’s grapefruit infused IPA that comes with a helluva citrus punch. Crystal and Munich malts balanced out by traditional Cascade/Columbus hop profile sets the base for grapefruit to be infused into the mix. If you’re heading out for stroll in the park or a hike in the woods, Long Walk would make a such a swell companion.The freshest version of this great beer awaits you at our brewery.

Brick Top
This robust porter starts you off with a strong hint of dark chocolate and a then a deep roast and a spark of coffee at the very end without that bitter taste. Brick Top has that sensual Maris Otter malt profile, Blackprinz topped off with nice portions of that amazing UK Fuggle hops.

Yule Cat
Certainly not the mythical creature from Icelandic folklore used to scare local wool workers to finish their work. Far from it! Yule Cat is 4th Tap’s malty Amber offering infused with a spice blend. It is aged with old lattices smoked with whiskey. This is where Yule Cat gets it strong spicy profile with subtle hint of oak and whiskey notes.