Have you ever flown a jet pack? Well now you can!

It’s Insane Fun

Did you see Iron Man? Well now you can BE Iron Man! Austin Flyboard can make your dreams of flight come true! Flyboard lifts you 40 feet in the air on two jets of water shooting out of a deck strapped your feet. It’s like a snowboard….a snowboard that flies!

Certified Trainers Show You How

Just about anyone can learn to fly a FlyBoard. Young and old, short and tall, big and small. Certified trainers know you want to fly…not sit in a class. So they get you flying on average in about 15 minutes. You start by mastering the basics, and then the instructors teach you tricks when you are ready.

You’re Going to Tell All Your Friends

Are you bored? You won’t be after this. You and your friends will be telling stories about this at every get together.

It’s Close and Affordable

Located on Lake Austin. It’s costs around $100, but call for rates & specials. Last time we checked, they also had a discount for people who follow them on Twitter.