Curra’s Grill is a Mexican restaurant with an awesome patio, good food, a fun crowd, and wonderful service. Specializing in tamales—although serving other foods as well—Curra’s is great for traditional cuisine as well as a little bit of classic Tex-Mex style.

Authentic Mexican Atmosphere

In addition to the menu, which is highly traditionally, the entire atmosphere of this restaurant feels as though you might have actually stepped over the border into Mexico herself. A mix between a diner and home-type feeling, the restaurant definitely has a modest setup and nearly hole-in-the-wall appearance. Plus, the staff is so sweet and friendly that you might as well be family. If you love eating meals where you feel comfortable really chowing down, letting loose, laughing loudly, and having a great time, Curra’s Grill is the place for you.

The Alcohol Rundown

While Curra’s is totally kid friendly, if you want to have some adult indulgence, leave the kids at home, take a taxi, and check out the drink list at Curra’s. The margaritas are amazing, and our top recommendations go to the Avocado Margarita (which is like a blended milkshake, and yes, it’s green!), the Santa Fe Margarita, and the Original, which is pretty dang good. For dessert, try the coffee with hot chocolate, Kalhua, and your choice of tequila or brandy.

Magnificent Menu

The menu here has so many options that you may be a little overwhelmed, but don’t panic—the more options, the better. To help you with your choice, we’ve narrowed favorites down to the Conchinita Pitbull, which is pork leg that’s been marinated and then cooked with banana leaf, and is served with rice and beans; the Steak Tacos with habanero; the Mole Enchiladas, and the Tacos al Pastor plate. With everything being pretty scrumptious, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with whatever you order!

Best Flan in Town

The heading of this pretty much says it all, but really, this is some of the best flan in all of Austin. Creamy and delicious, sweet but not too much so, if you like flan, you’ll go nuts for it here. Not a flan fan? Order the Chipotle Brownie, Chocolate Mocha Cake, or Flambe Bananas sautéed in butter and orange liquor, with cinnamon, instead.

Check it Out in the AM

If you want to spice up your typical Greek yogurt with fruit or bacon and eggs routine, why not try Mexican for breakfast? Opening at 7 AM daily, you’ll love the Mexican specialties like empanadas, breakfast tacos, huevos rancheros, chorizo with eggs, and more. The best though may just be the chilaquiles, which are fried corn tortilla strips with chipotle sauce, green sauce, goat cheese, onion, cilantro, and two eggs your way.