Though it’s been relocated from its long-time location in downtown Austin, Emo’s is still one of Austin’s most popular and original homes for live music. The fact that Emo’s is continuing to thrive in its newer location is even better for those that avoid Dirty Sixth like the plague that it is, or for those that want to hear some music in Austin’s southeast side.

And guess what? In a world where online purchases rule (and you can definitely do that for shows at Emo’s) you can also still, yes still, by tickets for their shows in the record store. You are will be paying more than a small cover to see shows at Emo’s because the names on the bill are bigger. The Emo’s stage has seen performances by Sufjan Stevens, Paul Oakenfold, and Bloc Party..and that’s really just getting started. There’s really no limit to what shows you can see at Emo’s, as it is a venue for all quality music.

Parking can be difficult so try to cab if you can, make use of the bar and the spacious venue, and enjoy a night of loosing yourself in the music in this tried and true Austin venue.