Free, Wet Fun For The Kids

Up in the City of Pflugerville, they have a place called Falcon Pointe, where a free and fun splash pad is set up for children of all ages to enjoy. It’s kept clean by both the visitors and the residents, it’s maintained by the city, and best of all it’s free!

Precious Summer Memories

There is nothing that captures the precious moments of children like summertime memories. Maybe a memory have been taken here, captured on film for parents to enjoy years later with their children. That’s the sort of family friendliness that the Splash Pad is trying to foster–building lasting memories.

Come and Enjoy the Water

As it’s free and open to the public, anyone can come on and bring their little ones to enjoy the Splash Pad. Follow the posted rules, though, because this is a community location and everyone has to do their part to keep it clean. Otherwise, come on by and enjoy the water!