By ten in the morning on any given Friday, you can find over 90 patrons in line at Franklin BBQ. Not bad for a place that was, in 2009, a single turquoise trailer. Now picture that those 90 people are told by a waitress that there is simply no more BBQ left. This is a regular occurrence at Franklin, where BBQ master Aaron Franklin cooks up some of the tastiest Texas BBQ you will ever taste. The brisket has a peppery exterior and is so smooth that it falls apart on your fork as you pick it up. The BBQ turkey so delicious that Thanksgiving birds no longer seem relevant. The BBQ sausage let’s out a loud snap when you cut it open, juices splashing out all over… Well, you’ve probably heard enough by now. You’ve likely seen Aaron Franklin on TV, and you’ve likely heard people raving about his food. It’s not just hype and buzz. It’s really that good!