The Hole in the Wall’s motto is “cheap music, fast drinks, live women,” which is humorous, but slightly off. The Hole in the Wall actually hosts some of the best (albeit cheap) live music in the city just about every day of the week, and you’ll actually see a whole lot of men there as well. They do have great drinks, especially the beer on tap, which takes just about as long to pour as any other delicious draft beer.

But really, The Hole in the Wall is an Austin standard for live music, with a loaded events calendar full of lineups of bands of all kinds from Austin and the rest of the country. The stage area and front bar occupy the first third of the space, and as you make your way back you’ll find a back bar, several pool tables, and a very spacious patio with plenty of picnic table seating.

There’s also an East Side Kings restaurant in the back of the place which is open every day of the week (except Sunday) until midnight, and serves up delicious pan-Asian cuisine. Parking can be quite a challenge for going to the Hole in the Wall because street parking is limited. Try to bike, walk, or take the bus to get there if you can, or park in a pay garage nearby.

The Hole in the Wall’s name is a great fit for the ambiance it offers – it’s just the kind of dark, enticing place you want to hunker down into for some live music late into the night.