P. Terry’s offers its customers the classic American burger at an affordable price. By buying local as much as possible, you can be rest assured the ingredients always taste fresh. P. Terry’s also seems to have expertly grasped the importance of ingredients enhancing the flavor of a burger, and not detracting from it. Mix that with a mid century modern design reminiscent of 1950s drive ins, and they make it tempting to stay and eat in rather than pick up your food and go. With 5 locations in Austin, finding one near you is as easy as pie.

In the age of customization and more is more, P. Terry’s brings us back to basics and the art of simplification when it comes to their menu. They stick to the essentials; five choices of burgers and five choices of combo meals making it easy and taking out the guess work of what to order. Their skinny fries, refreshing lemonades, and savory milkshakes make excellent additions to any option. Often compared to In-And-Out Burger, one could argue P. Terry’s has just as great a burger, but with a bit more style and flavor.