Location: 5904 Bee Cave Rd
West Lake Hills, TX 78746
Taproom Hours: Fridays and Saturdays 5pm – 9pm

Established in 2014, Strange Land Brewery is the brainchild of Tim Klatt and Adam Blumenshein, dedicated craft beer lovers who espouse the traditional practices of beer craft, including conditioning all of their brews in kegs and making use of up to eight different yeast strains.

Their website talks about roots, history, and tradition right off the bat – paying a respectful nod back to the earliest techniques of beer craft. According to the owners, the name Strange Land was actually inspired by a collection of essays written by Walker Percy as it embodies how they value history as their guide and mentor in creating superior microbrews.


Insider Tip

Brew the beer less travelled – this is what sets Strange Land apart from other microbreweries out there. The best way to experience this brewery is to check out their flight of beers.

Since Strange Land is relatively new, they are still building up the menu. So far, there’s a great burger place near them, and you can always choose to bring your own food too. If you’re lucky, you might catch one of the owners talk about their unique brews on tap.



Strange Land is still new, and they have their hands full at the moment doing the thing they love most – brewing. So, events are still far and in-between. Brewery tours will soon be in order (we hope). You may want to check them out in Facebook or Twitter for special announcements, but as far as hardcore beer lovers are concerned, it all boils down to the brew, not the standard bells and whistles.  There is still the live music and occasional tasting tours though.

Strangeland Brewery2


The Brews of Strange Land

No other brewery in the US condition their beer in kegs, and the owners take great pride in this old school technique. Tim and Adam carbonate their beers the natural way with the belief that it provides a far better taste profile than forced carbonated beer can. The technique requires a bit more than time, but then again we all know what patience, talent, and hard work can bring.

ABV: 6.8%
A London brewer names Richard Harwood is credited to have created a beer originally named as Entire. It was mix of 3 beers, called “Three Threads” and is made up of a third of strongbeer, ale, and normal beer. It became popular with the working man, particularly the porters, hence the beer style came to be known as “porter”.

Strange Land’s homage to the working man’s pint combines British hops, yeast, and dark malts, all working together to create a rich, and deep flavor. It pours a dark brown color with a spicy hop character and full body accentuated by delicate chocolate notes.

ABV: 6.2%
Historically speaking, saisons were brewed to invigorate and refresh tired seasonal Wallonian farm workers in Belgium. Ploughshare is dry and light with a discreet sweetness provided by malted wheat. It’s a brew that will no doubt satiate any thirsty, weary, hard working man after a back-breaking day in the field…office.

Strange Land Brewery1

ABV: 4.5%
IBU’s: 35
Crafted using age-old German Altbier brewing traditions. Alemannia comes from a point in craft beer history where lager yeasts were yet to be discovered. Hints of pepper and clove are brought on by German hops. Light malts help create a freshly baked bread character. Alemannia will give you a taste of how it was when straightforward, and full-flavored beer was the daily fare of beer drinkers of the period.

ABV: 6.5%
IBU’s: 25
Sip, retreat, and meditate with Strange Land’s traditional Abbey Ale offering. Sanctum has that complex and unique Belgian nose before bombarding you taste buds with a rich maltiness further complemented cloistered hoppiness and hints of plum. Expect a warm finish to cap off this great Dubbel experience.


Small Batch Reserves

The Last Gentleman
Bourbon Porter
ABV: 6.8%
IBU’s: 41
Started out initially as an Entire porter, Tim and Adam thought of aging it 60 days more with bourbon-infused oak mellowing down the brew. The Last Gentleman pours an opaque, black color with creamy, tan-colored head. It is a gallant, rebellious, and sophisticated mix

ABV: 10.9%
IBU’s: 75
Better tasting barleywines were brewed into existence to take the place of French wines to please the most discriminating British drinkers at the time. Generous amounts of malted barley allow Bishopgate to exude with rich complexity. It pours a dark crimson color topped off with creamy, tan-colored head. The nose is a hint of floral aroma complemented by a rich-bodied toffee finish. These strong flavors are matured for sixty days, and of aged more will continue to harmonize and mingle for years.

Strange Land Brewery4

Atholl Brose
Scotch Ale
ABV:  8.9%
IBU’s: 16
There’s a very interesting backstory to this Scotch ale. A Scottish noblemanl, John Stuart, 1st Earl of Atholl,  poured a very intoxicating concoction of Scotch whisky, honey and oats into his enemy’s well. He emerged victorious over his enemies but his offsprings were banned from school proms ever since.

Seriously speaking, to keep the Earl’s legend alive, the epic whisky concoction  came to be called Atholl Brose. Inspired by this tradition, Strange Land brewed their Scotch ale with Wildflower honey harvested from Central Texas, flaked oats. The oak component of this brew is infused with a good blend of Scotch whiskies of the single malt variety.

Dewi Sant
ABV: 13.5%
IBU’s: 30
Braggots are brews dating back to 6th century Wales. The Strange Land folks thought of bringing this ancient tradition back with the enchanting mixture of artisinal honey, vivid hops, and robust malts. This one is named after Saint David, patron saint of Wales.