Designed with fun in mind, the Brooklyn Athletic Club in Houston takes a fun twist on an antiquated pastime. Based on the early 1900s when women wore long dresses and men practiced archery, this restaurant is a blast from the past.

Classic American Food

The menu boasts food that will take you back to your momma’s kitchen, if you live in the south, that is. The famed baked mac and cheese or the sweet corn chowder scream “comfort food,” while the pei mussels and fries or clubhouse burger are equally as delicious. Open for lunch and dinner, you can also venture outside of your usual and attempt the porkobuco or sweet potato gnocchi. If you’re watching your waistline, no worries; the Brooklyn athletic club has a few salad options to choose from, too.

The Trellised Patio

Those who visit Brooklyn Athletic Club most highly praise its patio rather than its food, which is complete with a trellis, fireplace, and bulb-shaped patio lights. A line of picnic tables nicely compliments the more traditional dining structures, and a giant chalkboard—appropriately titled the “Big Board”—tells patrons of daily specials.

Let the Games Begin

The restaurant/club’s slogan “Let the games begin,” isn’t a joke. Brooklyn Athletic Club not only serves yummy food in a nice atmosphere, but there’s also a mini-golf area, shuffleboard, croquet, giant Jenga blocks, and more. If you want a fun, and active, night out or are looking for a way to mix up your traditional date night (a movie again?!), you might want to consider challenging yourself to a game.

More than Just Food & Games

Of course, you’re probably wondering if Brooklyn Athletic Club serves drinks, and the answer is yes, yes it does. Complete with a full bar, beer, and wine, Brooklyn Athletic Club can easily become your “night-out” venue if your heart desires. Make sure to try Primm’s cup or an Aperol spritz.

Some Must Know

Before you go, make sure you know: it’s street parking only, although there is a valet service; it’s often crowded, so get there early; if you want to bring in your own cake, like for a birthday party, there’s a $2 plate fee per person; live music is often present; they serve brunch; the yard is dog-friendly; and the wait staff is an attractive crew.

Instead of heading to your tried and true venue of choice for your drinks or meal this weekend, why not try something new and out of the ordinary? The Brooklyn Athletic Club will leave you with feelings of adventure and nostalgia, and the food will definitely fill you up. Just make sure to wear your tennis shoes so you can partake in the games!