Indian food incorporates some of the most interesting flavors and spices found in the entire world, and there’s not a lot that beats a great Indian dish. While many Indian restaurants have indistinguishable entrees and tastes that could be found at any other chain, Kiran’s Indian restaurant in Houston is unique and distinct in its atmosphere, chef, and food.

Who is Kiran?

This restaurant’s name is no misnomer—Kiran’s is named for its world-famous chef, Kiran Verma. Known for her classic Indian dishes that add touches of French and American style, her dishes are praised for their combination of sophistication, elegance, and simplicity. Kiran Verma’s cooking is associated with traditional flavors that have taken on an air of fine dining and eliteness.

Dinner & Drinks

Each meal at Kiran’s Indian restaurant is intended to be paired with one of the many wines or cocktails that diners can find on the menu. The restaurant offers more than 300 wine labels, and offers 7 different signature cocktails and 9 different martinis.

Special Events

Like most upscale restaurants, Kiran’s follows suit in offering a special menu for special events and holidays throughout the year. Offering an event-specific menu for just about every holiday throughout the year, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, Kiran’s is wonderful if you prefer to go out for the holidays rather than cooking at home. For Mother’s Day, for example, a brunch will be served that’s offered at $55 per person. The brunch includes a tomato saffron soup to begin; a choice of scrabbled eggs with vindaloo sauce, waffles with pure maple syrup, or daikon paratha as a second dish; a main entrée of Texas red fish, tandoori Cornish hen, or besan kadi; and a saffron Panna Cotta for dessert. Needless to say, the dishes here are both lovely and luxurious.

Succulent Seafood

For an interesting spin on some traditional seafood dishes, Kiran’s will leave your mouth asking for more. The seafood duo is a beloved appetizer, as are the mussels. For a main course, the jumbo prawns tandoori may be some of the best prawns you ever taste, and the seafood curry is a general favorite.

Keeping it Simple

If you’re overwhelmed by the extensive menu at Kiran’s restaurant, you also have the option of choosing between one of two preset menus, complete with a soup, a first course, second course, main dish, and dessert, all properly paired with a complementary wine. Choose between the Signature Tasting, which offers a duo of tandoor lamb chop and rack of lamb, or the tandoor sea bass; or opt for the Wild-Caught Coldwater Maine Lobster Menu, in which you will be served bisque with sherry lobster meat and black truffles. Positively delectable.

It goes without saying that this isn’t the place to bring your children; leave them at home while you head to Kiran’s with your special someone, or reserve it for a business dinner instead. Proper dress attire is required, and a reservation is recommended.