With over ten restaurants in the Houston area, there’s no reason to not try at least one of the Thai Spice establishments near you. The recommendation to go to Thai Spice is based on the fact that this restaurant, despite having many locations, is truly authentic and remains under a single ownership—the owner being the founder of the restaurant in 1996, and a person who considers Thai Spice to be an “international ambassador of Thailand” and a “cornerstone” of her national cuisine.

Best Lunch Buffet

Buffets are usually hit or miss, and the buffet at Thai Spice is a definite hit. The buffet has dishes that have been designed for a variety of palates, so you’ll feel comfortable dining with your native Thai friend, your picky mother, or your young child. The buffet offers some traditional spicy Thai dishes, some sweet standard Thai cuisine items, and some more modern takes on flavor. While the buffet is a bit small, the food is kept hot and fresh. The lunch buffet is only $10, which is a great deal for quality all-you-can-eat food.

Sunset Dinner Special

If you’re not into the idea of a buffet or aren’t going for lunch, check out the sunset dinner special served every day from 5PM to 7PM. The dinner special is $8.50, and includes a choice of salad or soup (the salad has an amazing spicy dressing), summer spring rolls or winter cheese rolls, and a choice of one entrée out of eight different entrée options. The entrees all are served with rice. Additionally, at the end of your sunset dinner, you’ll also get a coco tapioca or rice pudding cup as well, making for an extra sweet deal.

Regular Entrée Items

If you’re not doing the buffet or the sunset dinner, you’re still in luck because the regular entrée items are both delicious and well priced. If you’re a vegetarian, definitely try the Veggie Lover, stir-fry or steamed, which includes tofu, mixed fresh veggies, and a house special sauce. If you’re a meat eater, you can order the same dish with your choice of beef, pork, or chicken. Other great dishes include the Crispy Duck Royal with plum sauce, and any of the curries with coconut milk, particularly the red curry with pork, pineapple, tomatoes, and eggplant—be warned, this one’s extra hot!

Refresh Yourself

To drink, try the Thai iced tea that has been sweetened with condensed milk or a glass of the fresh lemonade. Beer and wine are also served, but you won’t find liquor at this restaurant.

Good Luck with Parking

Thai Spice on Kelvin Drive shares it’s parking lot with two other popular Houston restaurants, so you might have some trouble finding a place to park. Additionally, the restaurant itself can be hard to find, and remember that it’s on the second level, not the first. However, once you find a parking spot and the establishment, head to the patio for a nice, filling, and relaxing meal outdoors.