Fine Flavor

This restaurant differs from other steakhouses in the way they prepare their meats, all of which are meticulously aged and hand-trimmed. The aging and trimming process is done to create a flavor that can’t be matched anywhere else, and the intensive dry aging will change the way that you look at steak from here on out. Of course, all of the non-meat dishes are also prepared with care in order to create some of the finest flavors in all of Houston.

Creative Cocktails

If you enjoy a drink with dinner, you’re in for a treat at the Capital Grille. Try one of their famous cocktails, such as the Stoli Doli—a combination of vodka, and pineapple—or opt for a more classic beverage: the Manhattan (Gentleman Jack, Sweet Vermouth, Gary Regan’s No. 6 Orange Bitters, and sour cherries). With a full list of creative beverages to choose from, you won’t be disappointed by the drink selection here.

Where’s the Wine?

Don’t worry, if you prefer wine with dinner rather than cocktails, there are more than 350 wines to choose from at the Capital Grille. Some labels you’ll recognize, and some are more undiscovered and unique. If you’re in need of a wine pairing, the restaurant is experienced in choosing wines to perfectly accommodate your meal.

Chef’s Choices

You’ll find all your regular entrées at this steakhouse, including, of course, a filet mignon, lobster, and sirloin steak. However, with so many choices to select from, the Capital Grille has kindly prepared a list of chef’s choices for the indecisive amongst us. The porcini rubbed Delmonico with a 15-year aged balsamic is to die for, and the Chilean sea bass with heirloom tomatoes and saffron tomato broth is worth sampling, too, especially for those who prefer seafood to steak.

Houston Restaurant Week

The Capital Grille is an expensive restaurant, steakhouse or not. While the food is certainly worth the price, great flavor doesn’t equate to pockets full of money. If you’re dying to try this restaurant, why not check it out during Houston Restaurant Week? During this week, the Grille often offers an awesome menu with slightly more affordable prices. Plus, Restaurant Week kind of gives you an excuse to, well, go out to a restaurant…right?

Superb Service

There are not a lot of bad things to say about this restaurant, and the service here continues that trend. If for some reason the wait staff or chefs do make a mistake, you can usually count on a free drink or dessert when compensation is required. The servers are friendly, the food is top of the line, and the atmosphere is classy and upscale.