Schilo’s is a German delicatessen that is housed in a building that is as interesting as the food is delicious. Schilo’s has been in San Antonio since 1917, making is a true staple of the community and neighborhood here. If you want something delicious and authentic, filling and warming, check out this local favorite.

What They’re Famous For

A lot of things at Schilo’s are delicious, but they’re particularly famous for their homemade slit pea soup, the reuben sandwiches, their hot mustard, and their homemade root beer. While it may seem like a bit of a blast from the past, if you want to eat food that takes you back to a simpler time and stirs feeling of nostalgia within you, this German establishment is perfect for that.

Crowd Favorites

The menu here is massive, and features breakfast items, hot and cold lunch specials, hot or cold plates, deli sandwiches, Schilo’s favorites, kids’ choices, soups, salads, side orders, wine, beer, and desserts! To narrow it down, here are some of the most favorite items as chosen by those who’ve eaten at Schilo’s:

  • The potato pancakes with applesauce;
  • The sausage plate;
  • The German potato salad;
  • The grilled ham and cheese sandwich;
  • The wiener schnitzel with cabbage;
  • The cheesecake; and
  • The pork shank!

If none of these sound appetizing to you, branch out with the menu–everything is amazing, and they’re great about adding/subtracting ingredients for a picky palate!

Try it for Breakfast

Schilo’s gets a ton of recognition for its lunch items, but the breakfast is equally as amazing here. We’ve already mentioned the potato pancakes (did we mention the applesauce is homemade?!), but the french toast, the country breakfast with grits, the biscuits with gravy, the apple streusel, and the cinnamon roll are all superb! All of the breakfast items are great, and and very filling–this definitely isn’t a yogurt and granola establishment (although you can order a cup of fresh fruit), so if you go, go hungry and ready to eat!

What You’ll Pay

The prices are pretty good at Schilo’s. For breakfast with pancakes, eggs, and sausage, you can expect to pay about $9. For a lunch of a sandwich and soup, expect it to set you back about $12. While the prices aren’t necessarily cheap, they’re pretty great considering the portion size you get, and how amazing the food is!

For Dessert Only

If you love dessert, you should consider dropping into Schilo’s for a take-away order of something scrumptious next time you’re in the area. The cheesecake is amazing and is the most popular item here, the apple streusel is mouthwatering, and the blackberry cobbler is incredible! Other favorite dessert items include the the fudge nut brownie (ask for it with vanilla ice cream) and the Apple Pie.

This delicatessen has something for everyone, and is great for kids, too. If you love eating really carb-heaving food, or need a place with great soup to warm you up on a cold day, this is one of the most beloved delicatessen’s in San Antonio!