Hillside Farmacy needs to call itself “Home of Austin’s Best Baguette.” Seriously, it tastes that good.

The place itself is so nice with a subtly themed interior. Hillside pulls off the sublime deli and sandwich shop look without every feeling either hackneyed or gimmicky. Hilllside’s simple yet pleasing atmosphere contributes to an already engaging, pleasant experience.

Hillside’s menu has some simply stellar offerings without being overly expansive. From smoked meats to savory toasted sandwiches to seasonal oysters, everything is delicious.

But the baguette slays it all.

IN fact, all of their baked goods available are unbelievable. You can tell that they made the bread fresh that morning, without using the industrial ingredients of a place like Panera. They regularly rotate their breads, so you always have a variety.

If you do nothing else, go there for the bakery, especially the baguette.