Called “Ol’ Sam’s Town Point” by the locals, this is one bar that will leave the locals playing until late at night.

Sam’s Town Point is definitely a neighborhood after hours bar. The staff there is friendly to everyone, there is always some local music playing – the likes of Ramsay Midwood plays there regularly. Sam’s Town Point is on a residential block, sitting in what was once two separate homes that were joined together to make the bar. Sam’s has dart boards, pool tables, and a stage for live music. In the back of the bar is a large deck, which leads down to a gravel backyard – tables and chairs are on both.

Sam’s Town Point regularly hosts all kinds of events for fundraisers, like cookouts and shows. On the weekends, someone is out back making tacos. It’s always easy yo get your snack on while throwing back a few. Speaking of that, Sam’s Town Point only offers beer and wine. However, you can bring your own liquor. All you have to do is pay for set ups. Patrons pass around brown bags all the time, an activity that gives Sam’s Town Point a feeling of hanging out at your buddy’s house for drinks.

So if you’re down in South Austin, go to Sam’s Town Point and have a brew, play some darts and strike up a conversation. We’ll see ya there!