The Music Lounge at the Speakeasy is one of Austin’s hottest hidden dance floor gems, with live music every night that the club is open! The stage in this part of the club is huge and hosts some pretty complex musical acts, sometimes with multiple musicians and vocalists on stage for a live music show that can’t be beat. While some might be sitting around watching, the dance floor gets very full of people moving to the music. Whether it be from the soul or rock or international sounds, you’d better watch out for that dance floor because it’s dangerously delightful!

Speakeasy doesn’t just take its name from, but fully embodies the feel of Swing Era dance clubs in its sophistication, dalliance, and authenticity (down to the owl above the bar that is reminiscent of the Prohibition-era “owls”). There’s a whole lot more for you to explore of this club in its three stories and rooftop lounge. A night at the Speakeasy won’t be like any other.