If one heads to Asiatown located on Bellaire Boulevard on Houston, they’ll discover a plethora of different Asian restaurants, many of them Chinese and Vietnamese. Some of these restaurants are better than others, and one restaurant that’s been recognized as a “Top 100” restaurant in Houston by the Houston Chronicle is Crawfish and Noodles, the Vietnamese, seafood, and Cajun establishment that specializes in, you guessed it—crawfish and noodles.

Forget the Crawfish

Okay, so don’t actually forget about the crawfish—it’s really good, and there will be a full rundown on it in a minute. But, for now, turn your attention to the other dishes as Crawfish and Noodles that are amazingly good, such as one of the hotpots. These yummy pots of broth and good-eats come with egg noodles, vermicelli, or vegetables and can be ordered with oxtail, goat, or a shrimp, blue crab, fish, fish balls, and squid mix. The hot pots are priced at $25.95 and $27.95 for the seafood one.

In addition to the hotpots, there are a lot of other pretty fabulous dishes on the menu. Try the frog legs sautéed with butter or traditional curry (curry’s recommended); the fried catfish with Cajun fries (super good!); the fresh blue crab stir-fry with tamarind sauce (a crowd favorite); or the rare smoked beef mixed with roasted rice powder. To start, go for an order of the chicken wings.

It’s No Misnomer

This restaurant is named Crawfish and Noodles for a reason, and it would be a pity to miss out on either when dining here. The Crawfish is market priced, which means it can get a little expensive at times. That being said, this messy food is all worth it. The crawfish is cooked perfectly, and is just the right spice level if you ask for it “regular spicy.” The sauce is buttery and with the perfect amount of garlic, and the crawfish themselves are large and meaty.

Glove Up

A great tip for people who choose to order finger foods, such as crawfish, crabs, or chicken wings, at Crawfish and Noodles is this: order a pair of gloves. While you may be totally comfortable sporting a bib but may roll your eyes at the thought of wearing gloves, you’ll be glad you did. Some of the sauces and seasonings here are pretty strong, and while they won’t necessarily burn your tongue while eating them, they may take a couple days to remove themselves from your fingertips, leaving you tasting–and smelling–like Cajun for longer than you probably want.

Go Big

It’s recommended that you visit this restaurant with a large group for one major reason—there are so many delicious options to choose from, that if you go with just you and one other person, you’ll be kicking yourself for failing to order umpteen different things from the menu. Split a bunch of stuff among friends, and you’ll leave much happier.